July 22, 2020
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       The current era is the era of information and technologies, as most of the people search news information, education materials, entertainment contents, and other services that satisfy the customer service needs in internet browsers and World Wide Web. Mostly all of the customers expect brands to have content online from where they can understand the brand better. 

Therefore, owning a website will probably bring a lot of benefits and is probably a powerful marketing tool.

  • 1.   Wider Demographic Reach

           A website presents your business profile and showcases your services around the world which gives exposure to wider demographic reach. As millions of people surf browsers each seconds for information and service needs, it helps your business to reach such right audiences in front of them without any huge physical efforts.

  • 2.   Cost Effective

           A website acts literally as an online prospect, brochure or catalog of your business brand which can be changed or updated in no time. This cuts off your expenditure on hard copy brochures and prospect, efforts and time consumed for designing, editing and printing them.

  • With a website, in some cases you are actually removing the need of using brick-and-mortar stores which demands huge costs on rentals, staff and other utilities. Instead you can utilize the cost in other marketing platforms to enhance your business brands.

  • 3.   24/7 Online Presence

           Isn’t it really great and helpful as a customer when you can find your required service and information anytime and anywhere? It eradicates all the unnecessary hassle, even saves your bus fare, travel costs, time etc. Having a website makes customers find you anytime anywhere, even outside business hours, and will secure new customers. It definitely induces more profits than the traditional storefront.

  • 4.   Exchange Information

           A website provides a quick and easy communication between buyer and sellers as the informations such as phone numbers, address and map locations, informations related to services, business opening hours are listed on the website. Uploading videos and images on the website and contact forms helps engage customers which eventually convert in an efficient and cost effective way.
           Most customers visit your webpage to get the solution of their problems so if your website has blog posts addressing their problems and information related to your business services, you are actually communicating your business presence without spending a penny. It builds your reputation and gives authority in your field as a professional expert.

  • 5.   Convenient to Use, Update and Access to New Customers

           An up-to-date website ranks higher on google search than that of content created and left out on webpages. A little training is enough to handle the website administration panel for content update, edits and deletions from any computer over the internet. Need of paying programmers for such changes can be avoided.
           As we discussed above, it\'s easy to reach a wider audience and secure new customers even though you are not physically present but present online, the website does it\'s work. Your existing customers can refer to your website URL to their friends and relatives which is very convenient to share increasing your probability for increased sales and leads.

  • 6.   Showcase your Work and Products

           A website is a portfolio and a business profile which showcases your brand services and products to customers. Showcasing your works, case studies and testimonials, making your online portfolio strong. Demonstrates your image gallery and hoe your business fits customer needs and is unique to the customers. It helps in obtaining feedbacks from the customers to help improve your work through the website.

  • 7.   Hiring Employees

           A website with a career page and job application form will make you find employees for your business and to collect their information. Posting the job vacancy announcements on the web page with available positions will make it easy to find applicants. You may also expect good talent wanting to contribute to your business, reach and apply online even when you don\'t post vacancies.

  • 8.   Credibility

           A website gives your business an identity and is a virtual proof that your business actually exists. Just by being online will build your business credibility and gives the impression that you are flexible with all kinds of customers. Relying on social media pages will not contribute your credibility as much as the website does. So, a website is a must for any company to get recognition and credibility on a competitive market.

  • 9.   Online Customer Service

           A website reduces the time and cost of customer service with the FAQ’s section. It includes all the common questions and answers that a customer needs when inquiring about business services or investigating a business company if it will benefit them which is an easier way of handling customer service online.

  • 10.   Publicity and Advertising

           SEO and online advertising like Google Ads, Bing Ads helps you increase great traffic to your website if it’s done correctly. 

  • Websites have the ability to complete the transaction in one go; like in ecommerce sites. Make use of the CTA’s of the website on google search, display and video advertising to enhance and expand in the market. Improve SEO rankings on Google, Bing or Yahoo and gain more traffic and sales via search engines.

Now you are aware of why your business should own a website. So why wait when you can take your business to the next level in marketing platforms. Get your business online and reach a wider audience with a great marketing channel; website without any delay. We, Aakash Labs, are ready to serve you at an affordable price, you are just a call and a mail away.

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