March 10, 2020
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Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing the visibility of website and website pages in search engines. It helps to increase the traffic of users via organic search i.e. natural search. When people search for some short keywords or long key phrases based on their requirement in a web search engine and google search engine it generates results that are relevant, fresh and has attractive web contents to the user. Search engines prioritizes the user’s quality engagements, so it crawls every website to determine which site is best and user-friendly.

Improving search engine rank

1. Content
Content relevant that goes around the keyword and phrases in the website page improves the search ranking. The website visitors will spend more time on your website only if they get the content relevant to their search interest. Search engines basically prefer fresh and updated contents because there’s a lot of blogs, articles and different content with a variety of topics which is based on customer behaviour that is changing every now and then .

  • - Update your website content regularly
  • - Create new and fresh contents
  • - Change or edit the existing blogs and articles every year
  • - Contents like blogs, ebooks, videos, infographics or audios

2. HTML Codes
We can improve our search ranking by improving on-page SEO factors. This includes factors like Title Tags, Meta Descriptions and Keywords, Internal links, Headings, Image Name and ‘alt’ Tag elements.

  • - Title tag should contain less than 70 characters including keywords that your content focuses on.
  • - Meta descriptions with 200-300 characters that tells the search engine what page is about.
  • - Use of H1, H2 and H3 tags to make visitors easy to read your content.
  • - Structuring the internal links or hyperlinks within the website content, that will help to know the search engine to learn more about your site
  • - Including image name that fits keywords or phrase in the image ‘alt tag’ helps search engine to index images properly
  • - But it is suggested to avoid using keywords too many times throughout the content and prefer not to get penalized by google and other search engines

3. Off Page SEO
Creating and building more backlinks outside the website helps one improve search engine through social media, other sites and likewise.

4. Sitemaps
Creating sitemaps, and submitting your sitemap to search engines helps to crawl the website better and to understand the website more clearly.

5. Page Speed and Mobile Friendly Website
Mobile sites are more popular in this generation, because about more than 85% of people visit sites via mobile phones. The speed of websites that exceed 3 seconds have a high bounce rate which affects the search engine rankings. Improving speed and making the site more mobile friendly i.e, mobile responsive sites ranks high in web search engine.

Keeping these points in mind, start optimizing your sites and improve your SERP ranking in web search engines. If it sounds complex for you to start then we can help you to improve your SERP ranking of website. Drop a message or simply contact us.