February 27, 2020
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Social Media Marketing is the process of creating and crafting contents tailored for each media platform to promote business and drive awareness & traffic to your website and business products. The tailored content shared on the specific platform drives traffic and awareness of your brand. Social Media Marketing includes of the following platforms.

  • 1. Facebook
  • 2. Instagram
  • 3. YouTube
  • 4. Twitter
  • 5. LinkedIn
  • 6. SnapChat
  • 7. TikTok

Each platform has a specific objective and has huge audiences interacting with different contents and posts. Facebook has around 2.2 billion users, and is best for building brand awareness and advertising whereas Twitter has around 335 billion users, and is best for building and maintaining public relations and customer service. Whereas, Instagram has by far been put to the best use for user generated content and advertising. Youtube has become prominent for brand awareness, entertainment and one stop for watching \'how to videos\'. Where LinkedIn has gained mass eminence for B2B relationships and employment marketing.

Since users all around the world are active in different social media platforms everyday, we can leave out our online presence via these platforms for different purposes and objectives. We, Nepalese are more prone to use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram,Twitter and Youtube. With uniquely rich content on each platform businesses seek to attract customer interests towards their products & services.

Some of the benefits we can achieve from social media marketing include:

  • 1. Brand Awareness

    As mentioned above, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube are amongst the best platforms to drive brand awareness and reach audiences interested in areas of your business services.

    Social engagements like comments, likes, shares and re-posts helps to increase brand awareness by directing traffic to your sites. With best suited banners, videos, images and other online materials we surely can move a step forward to convert potential interest groups into customers.

  • 2. Increased Lead Generation

    Social Media Marketing has been remarkable to help improve lead generation, boost conversions and increase sales by promoting and sharing as we advertise to the people who have followed our accounts.

  • 3. Cost Effective

    Social media marketing is the most cost effective for advertising strategy. Paid Advertising costs very low as compared to other advertising strategies and helps achieve a greater return in investment.

  • 4. Increased Inbound Traffic

    With the help of social media, we can advertise to a wider variety of versatile consumers all over the world which eventually increases inbound traffic in your sites, products and services.

  • 5. increase Conversion Rates

    The more interactive your social media pages become, the more opportunities there are to converse as customers. The contents on sites, blogs, posts, stories, all increase the visibility of your business.

So start making your business social media oriented and increase your leads and eventually conversion rates. If you are not confident to leave a strong impact and presence on the online internet; social media, contact us and we will make your digital presence a remarkable one with our strategies.