March 27, 2020
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By definition, digital marketing is the use of the internet to reach people in order to promote products and services. The sole purpose of most digital marketing agencies are just limited to get huge traffic to the clients website and to reach a huge audience even if that doesn’t lead to sales. There’s numerous myths and misunderstandings related to the concept of Digital Marketing, some of which are explained below.

Digital Marketing\'s only Objective is Huge Traffic

    Getting huge traffic is not the only point of success but getting limited traffic that is more likely to convert as sales is the prominent output. Digital marketing is not all about quantity but quality, getting the right audience or website visitors.

What it all means is, 100 website visitors each month with the purpose of using your service or products is better than 10,000 visitors a month with no interest in your product.

1. All Social Media Channel Needs to be Covered
    You don’t have to cover every social media channel to make your presence online. Finding our best channel where relevant user’s spend most of their time and giving time and effort to that very platform is enough. Nowadays, Facebook and Instagram works best for business to customer (B2C) companies and business to business customer (B2B) companies. But Twitter and LinkedIn have also established themselves as appropriate for customer services and to make businesses socially online and updated.

2. Negative Comments can be Ignored
    Ignoring negative comments is as equal to not addressing the issue appropriately which eventually turns out to hamper your business\'s reputation management. Try to address customer’s problems or feedback and understand them to improve your product and services further. Take those comments and feedback to improve and strengthen your brand image, management and business strategy.

3. Digital Marketing is only for Small Business
    Digital marketing is required and important for all businesses. Communication and engagement of customers can be done through digital marketing and not only through call centers. Even without a physical store and shop, sales can be done engaging the social media platforms with the target audiences. Targeted customer’s buying preferences can be determined with insights and analytics without a large research company.

4. Email Marketing is not so effective now
    Email marketing is still a powerful and huge return generating method of digital marketing strategy. According to Fulcrum Tech, “email is top rated by marketers, with 53.6% of respondents rating it as excellent or good”.

5. Any Content will make a Good Website
    Creating high quality content and the contents that are relevant to targeted audience’s needs attracts more visitors. If the audience gets the information they need, they will stay longer with us and will probably ask and convert as potential loyal leads.

6. Developing a Website is Enough
    Creating a website is not enough but a beginning. Since there’s too much content on the internet that a user can find information easily about what they need. This is also true that people seek for the latest information regarding the topic. So a website with static content, not updated as time changes will more likely to lose the right kind of visitors and audience. A website comes within the integration of blog, social media channels and also traditional marketing methods. With both SEO and paid advertising with analysis and improvement of the website, you can succeed in your goal.