July 17, 2020
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As we are aware of the Benefits of Social Media marketing in Nepal, Nepal has a huge audience in Social Media Platform ranging in age groups. Nepalese markets have launched a few of many social media applications like Sagoon, Social Nepal etc. As the audiences are growing in social networks, digital marketing on these social media platforms is promisingly expanding its area in Nepal.

Hindrance faced By International Brands

International brands have started physically launching themselves and providing their products and services in Nepal to the interested client bases. But these international brands tend to have a difficult time increasing the amount of genuine store footfalls and identifying their client niche as since they lack on building trust among the interested customer market in Nepal, they are unknown to these potential buyers; Nepalese audiences.

There are many agencies, companies and organizations which are unknown despite their physical existence in the country itself and are deprived from reaching those audiences. Customers are often unaware and uninformed about the existence of these international brands in Nepal, from which they are actually willing to buy. Instead they sometimes tend to make online purchases from a third party when they can actually buy from the brand owners but are oblivious of their existence.

Social Media Marketing helps provide the grasp of intended audiences as well and their preference data. International brands can utilize these social media networks to establish and inform their presence, communicate and build trust with the locals, and reach to the potential buyers in Nepal.

Digital marketing gives you the way to reach customers at desired locations and increase the leads. So, researching and targeting audiences in social platforms they are actively seeking and have interests towards the product and service being delivered can lead you to progress your business in Nepal , digitally.

The advantages and some of the points to be noted are listed below:

  •   1.  Social Media is the biggest platform, where people share and gain information globally.
  •   2.  Drive traffic and awareness of your brand with tailored content shared on the specific platform.
  •   3.  Utilize popular social media networks in Nepal like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Tripadvisor, Tumblr, Quora etc. to make a strong online presence of your brand.
  •   4.  Social media can include engaging visual graphic and helpful information tips and updates on services and products
  •   5.  SMM can be done by choosing a particular location, so it makes your business more productive.
  •   6.  Social engagements like comments, likes, shares and re-posts helps to increase brand awareness by directing traffic to your sites.
  •   7.  Social Media links to white papers and case studies on your websites, industry tips and news, happy clients stories, video testimonials etc, can be included on social media to engage your visitors.
  •   8.  The more interactive your social media pages become, the more opportunities there are to convert potential buyers as customers.
  •   9.  Boost conversions and increase sales by promoting and sharing posts, offers to the ones who follow your accounts.

Get the grasp of digital social media networks in Nepal and reach your right audience in no time. Develop and create your own client based market to flourish and expand your International brand business in Nepal.