May 13, 2019
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MBA Program’s focus is on developing the managerial and entrepreneurial capabilities of students. Furthermore, CGIM plans to do so via curricular and co-curricular methods. MBA program specifically aims to: Prepare professional managers for business and non-business sectors. Develop entrepreneurs capable of evaluating risks and taking challenges in the global business environment. Inculcate knowledge, skill, and attitude in students. The program has been designed to be of 66 credit hours overall different components. 
Above all, the components involve coursework, seminars, practicum, experiential learning, and graduate research project. The total duration of the program is two (2) years. Of course, the program is spread over Four Semesters. The maximum duration for the completion of the requirements for the MBA program is three years from the date of registration More Information on CGIM Masters Admission For more information, you can either visit the college’s website or follow the steps given below: Open up your message box Type ‘CGIM’ (Space) ‘Your name’ Send it to 31003 Finally, you will receive related information on your phone. And, you won’t even have to make any effort for it!