April 17, 2020
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If a photo\'s worth a thousand words, how valuable could videos prove to be? Video marketing is the one of the content marketing strategies using the video content to promote products and services, reach people, engage the audience and increase sales conversion.

Most people prefer watching video than reading the description of products. An interesting video content can create curiosity among the audience and helps keep your targeted audiences hooked. As Video ads amplify the interest of the user, it eventually conveys everything required about the product/service in a significantly less amount of time. Since video has such power, why not make it your advantage in digital marketing.

Why is it important for your business?

  • 1. Video is the most powerful weapon in the field of digital marketing. It helps to connect with the audience. Video helps to deliver who you are, what your company does and to know your brand. It basically serves as your bridge to reach out to the audience and drive sales.
  • 2. Video content can build backlinks to your site, can help boost likes and shares which will affect the search rankings and drive traffic to your site.
  • 3. Using videos at different stages of marketing funnel and on different channels will shorten the customers journey.
  • 4. Video content and text on the subject line of emails increase the open rates by 19% , boosting the click throughs.
  • 5. The video content makes your brand stand out in the crowd. It helps to increase engagement, brand awareness and conversions.
  • 6. These are remarkable in terms of conversion ratio as Videos on the landing page are capable of increasing the conversion rates by 80%.Videos make customers easy to make buying decisions by 90%.

Now we know why video marketing is important, lets see what kind of video content can be applied to achieve all the benefits.

1. Demo Videos
               Demo videos showcase how your products work i.e, the process - how it is used showing the physical product to test or taking your viewers a tour of your software products.

2. Brand Videos
                Brand Videos showcase your company’s vision, mission, products and services. The purpose of this brand video is to generate brand awareness and to attract your targeted audience.

3. Event Videos
                Event videos showcase the conference, interviews, discussions and presentation of the gatherings. These type of Videos are remarkable in releasing the interesting interviews and highlight reels.

4. Educational or how-to videos
                Educational and instructional videos can be used to educate your audience and help them to better understand why they need your products.These videos teach your audience to overcome the issue and better understand solutions which builds trust and emotional attachment in customers.

5. Animated Videos
                Animated videos grasp the attention of the audience and can be used to explain the concepts that need strong visuals or to explain the abstract service or products.

6. Customer Testimonial Videos
               Customer Testimonial Video proves that your products and services solves customers issues and problems. Satisfied customers and loyal testimonial videos are the proof for your work. Shoot their explanatory videos how they solved their problems with your products and services.

7. Live Videos
                Live videos highly engage the audience and viewers which gives your viewers a special behind the scenes of your company. Live videos engage and encourage viewers to comment and question in live-stream interviews, presentations, and events.

8. 360o videos
                360o videos allows people to view and scroll a video in every angle of 360o which also drives 7% higher purchase intent and also helps you to stand out from the crowd. This video can help to increase and deliver greater ROI than traditional video formats.

9. Personalized Videos
                Personalized videos allow you to build a relationship with your audience as you can continue a conversation or email someone via email or text. These videos create a unique moment of your prospect and drive them further down your marketing funnel.

Analyse what kind of videos are beneficial and produce for each stage of the marketing funnel to make a smooth and shorter journey of the customer to purchase your products and services.

Tips of Video Marketing for Small Business

1. Re-purpose blog posts into videos
                Re-purpose the most popular blog posts into videos to reach new audiences. Recycling the content which is already performing well will remove the creation of video from scratch and doesn’t require fresh and new ideas. Users who already read and have engaged with your blog posts, re-purposing your written content into videos will pull back again to reconsider them becoming regular and loyal customers.

2. Put a video on your landing page
                As we discussed above, Videos on the landing page are capable of increasing the conversion rates by 80%. So when you embed videos on a landing page, users who visit your website can get messages and information you’re trying to deliver, increasing the time spent on your page, eventually decreasing bounce rates.

3. Spark interest with teaser videos
                A teaser video, as short as three seconds creates a bit of mystery and excitement about your upcoming work or product which will spark interest in your audience. Engaging users with these short teaser videos about your new product and work will definitely hold their seats.

4. Record your screen for tutorials
                Record your computer screen and provide your audience a new way to learn. Instead of a written manual to use your software, rather record your screen as tutorials on how to use your software or products. 

Not only process but also you can record a presentation and educate your audience to widen your reach and convert new users into loyal customers.