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Neeldavid’s salon hair & beauty was established in 2006 in Kathmandu, Nepal. This Salon was the brainchild of Mr. Neeldavid Katwal renowned Hairstylist & Makeup celebrity worldwide. He is the first person to attain International fame as a Hairstylist from Nepal creating haircut records with razor and scissors blind folded. Through his undying dedication & hardwork, Neeldavids is now a popular unisex salon brand in Nepal & India with over 50+ franchisees currently being operated.

Aakash Labs has been working with Neeldavids since 2019. Its branding, store location marketing, demand generation and push marketing was handled under Digital Media Marketing.



  • Store Location Promotion
    Neeldavids has two categories: Neeldavids International Academy which provide training and workshop,has few branches located at Kathmandu Mall, City Centre, Britamod. And the another, Neeldavids Unisex Salon. Neeldavids Unisex Salon also has its few branches, located at City Centre and New Baneshwor. Therefore, promoting its all branches store location is one of the major challenges for Neeldavids.
  • Increase Store Footfall
    Neeldavids is one of the international standards Salon and Academy for hair and style. Promoting its services and increasing its store’s footfall was one of the major objectives of NeelDavids. They are serving their facilities with different branches. It is crucial for Neeldavids to increase the footfall of customers in every branch equally. Therefore, increase in store footfall is one of the objectives of NeelDavids.
  • Brand Reputation
    Neeldavids took an initiation to upgrade the standard and level in the field of Salon and Academy. To make this initiative successful, it was very important for them to make brand visible and adaptable in the market. Therefore, building brand reputation was essential.
  • Demand Generation through Promotion
    Neeldavids is providing its services with different branches in Kathmandu. Therefore it is very important for Neeldavids to promote its products for the successful business of all his branches. So, Demand generation through Promotion is one of the objectives of Neeldavids.


  • Content Marketing
    For the promotion of Neeldavids hair-cut salon and academy and store location of each service, content marketing plays a vital role in sharing and stimulating audience interest towards salon services and academic services. We analysed the requirements and created online materials and promotional quotes to attract and retain clearly defined audiences.
  • Social Media Platform Page
    Since Neeldavids has two separate business objectives; salon and academy, we chose social media platform to promote and target potential interested audiences with social media featured ads and campaigns with separate pages of each business objective.
  • Information and Lead Generation
    Generating and collecting of users like email, name, and service category interest of each business objectives was the strategy to reach audience directly and personally to follow up and cultivate loyal customers.


  • Neeldavid
  • Neeldavid


  • Conversions
    We successfully converted customers as loyal customers for salon and students for academy with message conversations and Facebook leads.
  • Increased Store Footfall
    We successfully amplified store footfall promoting branch location via Social media featured ads and specific age group range targeted ads.
  • Positive Reviews
    All the satisfied customers leave reviews on Facebook page. Banners of celebrity who visited branch of salon was posted which left strong impressions to users and maintained brand reputation.
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